Social Distancing

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Stay social while social distancing!

I spoke to a Facebook rep last week and this is what they said...

Perhaps now more than ever, people are engaging with content on social media.

So what do you do about it?

Take advantage of this and stay's how...

In the age of COVID-19, everyone is practicing social distancing. We all have our part to flatten the curve and to stop the virus. However, we must continue to connect with our followers and leads on social media.

People's eyes are glued to social media!!

They are checking the latest information on the Coronavirus and what Trump is going to do next. I know, it gets very tiresome to hear from that one guy who constantly updates us on the amount of affected. Annoying...

But, we have a duty as content creators to cut through the negativity and post positive content. Content that your followers can grab onto and maybe learn a thing or two about you or a topic that are passionate about.

Whether you are working from home or one of the unfortunate laid off individuals, we now have the time. We have time to create this content and so I advise that all of you do!

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