What To Do To Stay Busy During Quarantine?

Cabin fever has nothing on this!

COVID-19 has really affected how we interact with people these days as social distancing is not just the new trend, but a necessity. Now that many of us are going to be quarantined until May, this is a great time to plan out some fun activities that will get us through this!

Here are some ways you can stay busy while being quarantined:


Missing Your Friends or Family?

  • Video calls are becoming the go-to option for many of us out there with Zoom and Google Hangouts being some popular options. Set up a virtual date night or a virtual beer review. Speaking of video calls, check to see if your town is offering free informational seminars. There are so many people out there looking to help during these hard times.

Virtual Education?

  • A lot of museums and libraries are offering virtual educational services. Take some time to learn something new or finally get a chance to see The Vatican!

Wholesome Family Activities

  • Are you that person who is always trying to get your friend group to do more wholesome activities and not just go drunk kayaking on the weekends? Well you are already prepared for this. Puzzles, board games, whatever you have for those occasional parties laying around your house, whip off the dust and use them.


  • There are so many ways to work off that 3rd plate of chili you just ate and a lot of it can be done inside. Whether it's by yourself or with someone else, check out some Youtube videos that offer free fitness training's. There are soooo many out there!


  • Did you really think Spring cleaning would get delayed? Nope, now is a great time to get organized. Clean out your closets, organize your kitchen, go through old paperwork, you get it. Get ahead of organizing, it's one less thing to do when you are finally back to work.


  • Certainly not the most glamorous one on this list, but necessary. Keep all of your surfaces clean on a daily basis. Also WASH YOUR HANDS!! If you have kids, make a game out of it.

Movie Night

  • With so many streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, make a movie night of it. Grab your family a blanket and some popcorn and watch a good movie. Or catch up on the newest season of Ozark, it's good!!!!

Become a Better Cook!

  • I know resources may be limited, but it's a great time to get out of your comfort zone and become a better cook. No more dry chicken with overcooked broccoli!! Spend some time looking up recipes and practicing some cooking techniques. Surprise your family with a kick-ass dinner this week.

Keep a Journal!

  • Keeping a log of your thoughts and actions during this time would not only help get your thoughts to paper, but would be interesting to look back on years from now.


Quick Car Ride

  • Need to get out of the house for a bit? Tee up a good Podcast or radio station and go for a quick car ride around your neighborhood. We have seen many neighborhoods doing parades for the young neighbors which is great to hear! This is great especially if it's raining.

Take in the Sunrise/Sunset

  • Because we have more time on our hands, use it wisely. Seeing the sun rise on a new day is so cathartic and good for the soul. Honestly, a beautiful sunrise is just that...beautiful.


  • Like indoor workouts, you can do the same outside. Go for a run, walk around your neighborhood. Stretch out and keep your body moving.

Spring Yard Work

  • Believe it or not, Spring is right around the corner and now is a great time to get your yard ready. Clean up your mulch beds, garden, set up your outdoor patio, rake up dead leaves and hey, if you have kids, make them help you out. It builds character!

Just Get Outside!

  • Spring is almost here and the weather will be getting nicer soon. You know what helps your mood, the sun!! Take a break and eat lunch outside, sit outside and read, just step outside and take a deep breath. It does wonders!!

For more information on how to get through COVID-19, check out our other blog posts!

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