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Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Give the people what they want!

This year for us, not only are we doing a lot more content, a lot more video content, but we want to make sure that every social media platform that we have, we want to find out what our followers like and placate to that and generate content that just generates a lot more feedback, commenting, sharing, and that kind of thing.

So, the first thing that we’re doing really is just asking people what they want to hear. As flat out and as simple as that sounds, I’m creating a Facebook video, Instagram videos, YouTube, not necessarily but, asking my followers on social media, each one of the accounts, what do you want to see.

Do you want to see more Behind the Scenes stuff? Do you want to see more silly stuff? More Hyperlocal? Educational? You know, what is it that you want to see? We’ve been seeing recently on our Facebook page, that hyperlocal fun videos are getting shared and viewed a lot more, which makes a lot of sense, the food reviews, the beer reviews, any local thing here in Plymouth, we get significantly more views than if we just posted a video of something that we did on the Cape. A lot of that is because we’re right here in Plymouth and we want to generate buzz around the stuff that we’re doing. So, a restaurant might share our work, a lot of other people might see that and share that. So, we’re getting a lot of feedback on that type of content.

So now in 2020, we want to really make sure that we’re doubling down on that to generate a lot more people to, frankly like our page, comment on our stuff, and just give us a lot more feedback. Instagram, we’re seeing a little bit more of our short video series where our clients get a little bit more feedback and more commenting, not necessarily the behind the scenes stuff. So really, we’re trying to kind of figure out as we go what platform does what. And I’d advocate for you guys to do the same type of thing. For us, Facebook, right now at least is going to be more hyperlocal, fun, engaging, educational stuff for Hawk Visuals on that channel. Instagram might not be posting as much as Facebook. Facebook is going to be at least three to five days a week. Instagram might be close to three. But that’s going to be more short form content. Photo’s, videos of client work that we’re doing and not necessarily those one-off silly videos. YouTube, on the other hand is where we’re doing a lot longer, longer form content.

I think I’ve mentioned this in the past, but YouTube is where you’ll watch the half an hour or more videos and I honestly watch that now as a 28-year-old. And our audience on YouTube is growing slowly but they want to see more of that long form content so, our behind the scenes videos go there. Maybe our longer form educational videos might go on there. Which again, great for us because we can take that long form video and chop it up into different series for Facebook and Instagram but the whole point of this Hawk Talk and this segment here is really finding your audience on each platform and creating content specific to that. The best way to do it, ask your audience what they want. If you don’t get their feedback right away or you want to do more analytical stuff, you can look at analytics, likes, comments, all that kind of stuff on each video or photo that you post and see where they’re coming from. 2020 is going to be the year of authenticity and I really think that creating honest and true content for your brand is important and honestly creating honest and true content for your audience to follow is super important.

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