Pivoting Your Business

Times are a changing...

Going into month 2 of COVID-19, business owners are wondering when do we get back to work. I think the question really should be, what kind of work are we going back to?

What can you do to pivot your business?


As of today, Governor Baker has cancelled the rest of the school year. To the great dismay of the teachers, they cannot even say goodbye to their students in person. What they can do is continue to educate their students virtually. As a business, we need to think about the same approach...virtual education.

Now more than ever, people are searching for new information to learn and they want to learn it from a trusted source. Be that trusted source. Offer FREE information about your areas of expertise. LISTEN to your audience and if there is information that they are looking for, bring on the expert to talk about it. Be the person to offer valuable information and I promise people will remember you when this is all said and done.

live streaming:

With social distancing still in place, people are urged to "meet" virtually. The age of live streaming is here and it's stronger than ever. If you Google "capture cards" ( which allow you to stream from a nice camera) they are either sold out or the prices have doubled! Crazy, but the demand is here. Having the ability to receive live feedback is the crux of live streaming and creates comfort and credibility for you. Open up dialogue through live Q&A's, podcasts, educational segments...the list goes on. Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, pick your poison and try it out, it's FREE.


While most people are pulling back online advertising to save money, others are ramping up. YOUR COMPETITION! That's right, others have been waiting for the playing field to open like this and that's exactly what is happening. People are in front of their phones and computers like crazy now and the opportunity to market to them is here. In the world of advertising, social media is cheap. Radio ads can run over $1,000/mo, Magazine ads from $400 to $10,000 and that's a lot of money. Not to mention, how can you track the exact number of people who saw your ad? You can't. For around $100, you have the potential of reaching over 10,000 people with a campaign and can re-target them. It just takes some knowledge and betting that your business/product works.

So what do we all do next?...PIVOT

Take a look at your current business plan and what you can do to maintain exposure during these strange times. Pull the trigger on aspects that you have been putting off like getting into video or running a Facebook campaign.

Get after it!!

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