Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Let's get sh*t done!!

2020 for us is going to be a big year, and a lot of it is to be efficient!

Using Favro:

We used to use a white board and every Monday we would come in and we’d sit down, talk about our weekly schedule you know, what shoots we had coming up, future projects, and that worked but as our company is starting to grow and the more projects that we take on, the more clients we take on, we quickly saw a need for a project management tool. And, what we’re using is Favro. Now if you want to use Favro, that’s great. If you want to use or whatever. There are hundreds of project management tools out there. Just, go through it, do some research.

See what makes sense for your company, and start implementing that stuff as soon as possible because we’re about a couple weeks in now and we’ve now gotten our clients to start using it and it’s making our process just a lot more simplified inside the office, outside the office. And its also nice for our clients as well.

So, if you guys are trying to organize everything and stay on top of projects, I suggest using a project management tool. This will clean up your voicemail boxes. This will clean up your emails. This will clean up your text messages. It will keep dates in line. It will keep your entire company and everyone on the same page so you guys can run more efficiently, more smoothly, make your life easier, make your clients life easier, and have more time for yourself.


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