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At Hawk Visuals, our forte lies in the art of storytelling extends to livestreaming and event production. Our services encompass a wide spectrum, catering to events ranging from company-wide all-hands meetings to momentous graduations and technically demanding conferences. We understand that these occasions are not just gatherings; they are investments that hold significant financial and strategic importance for your organization allowing you to connect with your global company and consumers.

  • Professional multi-camera switcher for simultaneous streaming and in-house outputs

  • Professional audio sound no matter how large the space

  • Multiple microphone options to allow for large panels

  • Ability to manage multiple simultaneous and different outputs like online stream, in-house projection, downstage monitors for talent, etc.

  • Remote presenter integration outside of the typical streaming interfaces for a more cohesive look

  • Presentation playback with professional slide advancer controls for participants on campus and across the globe

  • Lighting options to provide a well-lit and thematic look and feel

  • Graphics integration either with existing materials or working with out designers to create a custom package based on your branding requirements

Partner with us to drive growth, engagement, and success for your organization


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