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How to Create a Successful Interview

One of the biggest complements we can get as videographers is

"wow, you made me feel really comfortable during that interview!"

It's something that we hear a lot, but we make sure we practice a few key aspects to a good interview.

Here is how to create a successful interview...

#1 Establish rapport with the interviewee prior to the sit down

Before you even sit down with the interviewee, it's important to make them relaxed and feel comfortable talking with you. If you did not set up an intro call prior to the actual interview, just take them aside and chat with them. Make small talk and learn about them. The info you learn from this short discussion will help you when you 2 sit down for the interview.

#2 Set the stage

When you are ready for the video interview, begin by explaining to the interviewee what they can expect to see when they enter the space. I do this while walking into the space and it goes something like this...

"So before we head into the interview, I just wanted to give you a heads up of what to expect"

"I have 2 videographers...Ryan and Julie who will be there with me and help with the interview"

"There will be 2 cameras, a few lights and a boom mic to capture your audio"

"Are you ready to get this going?"

I don't want the interviewee to be caught off guard when they walk in so I make it a point to over explain the setting. If there is one large room where they can see the interview location, then I still explain the setup.

#3 The Interview

Personality mirroring

Don't mimic what the interviewee is doing, but notice their body language and try and emulate or direct them. Sometimes they may cross their legs and I will also do so after a few moments. If they smile, I will let out a big smile as well, letting them know that I am paying attention

Eye Contact

This may seem obvious, but make direct eye contact with the interviewee as much as you can. If you need to look down at your notes, do so after they are done talking.

Stay Focused

There may be times where you and the interviewee are having a great time in the interview and they are really relaxed...which is great! However, remember to hit your questions and not get so distracted you miss the important questions.

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